Our market operates in 24 locations spread across Pune and Mumbai. This was conceptualized by Shree Swami Samarth Farmer Producer Company Limited in the year 2010 with an intention to promote innovative farming techniques of our farmers. Our team has ever since been intensely involved in imparting knowledge and training on safe, natural and chemical free approach to farming and crop management.


You might be aware that farmers in general face numerous problems such as –

  • Average land holding size has been shrinking, thereby taking away benefits of scale

  • Unpredictable and erratic weather creates an unfavourable condition for the desired yield

  • Has no control on the pricing of his produce, thereby affecting his return on investment

  • Price paid by consumers don’t reach the farmer, he being the main investor for what is produced. Instead middlemen absorb a good chunk of the revenue generated in the supply chain

  • Lack of knowledge and access to markets lead to poor decision making by the farmer on crop choice and demand estimates

An accumulation of the above factors make it very challenging for a farmer to maintain quality of his produce, profitability and stability in his economic conditions.




As a panacea to the problems faced by the farmers, our team has been working to promote the welfare of farmers as well as consumers through the following means –

  • Establishing market for agriculture and rural produce, where consumers can directly purchase from farmers

  • Digital platform for assessment of demand and estimation for supply to prevent wastage

  • Seasonal planning for all our farmers so the production, variety and scale are optimised to eliminate losses and thus maximising profitability

  • Ensure quality, nutritive value and freshness are maintained for the product by implementing our system for “daily harvest” whereby our consumers would buy fresh products that are harvested within “8 to 12 hours” prior to the sale.

  • Usage of digital weighing system at our markets to encourage transparency and build confidence with our consumers

  • Adoption of traditional, natural and desi seed varieties to ensure nutritive value and high fidelity taste of the product

  • Impart regular training and knowledge transfer on chemical free, natural farming practices to improve quality and originality of the products and thus maintain and safe and healthy soil at our farms.

  • Providing a supply chain mechanism to minimise quantitative and qualitative loss of products

  • Providing farmers market infrastructure for smooth functioning with canopies, weighing scales, display crates, stands, packaging material, uniforms etc.

  • Maintaining uniformity of the protocols and standards for operating through our farmers market thereby ensuring benefit to all farmers as well as consumers

  • Promoting value added & traditional nutritive food products in collaboration with “Mahila Bachat Ghat(s)”. This helps in women employment and empowerment

  • Liaison with the government authorities for the development and welfare of the farmers

  • Establish a system of “traceability” of products to build trust and confidence among our consumers


You are also welcome to visit us at www.samarthasfarmersmarket.com

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