• To enhance the lifespan of people with clean and safe inputs for the physical body.

  • Handhold our farmers with relevant toxin free and safe farming practices & thus grow our span of healthy soil in order to grow highest quality nutrient rich crops without the usage of harmful chemicals.

  • Maintain farming as a profitable venture for our farmers. 

  • Enable easy access to fresh, reliable and safe food for our consumers at affordable prices; and promote good health and longevity.

Brand & Philosophy

Our brand “Soil se Soul” represents the philosophy of our company. While our intention is to offer nutrient rich, toxin free food to our consumers, we strongly believe that the roots of this effort must start with the soil.

We firmly believe that our soil’s native qualities must be revived to its full potential ( which has proved to have been deteriorating by practices promoted by the green revolution era) by bringing in timely intervention to audit the prevailing farming techniques and the type of farm inputs being used. Unless the soil becomes toxin free and regains its natural tendency to enable germination of seeds without application of harmful chemicals, we won’t be able to grow crops that can be claimed to be “completely safe” for human consumption.

Time and again, great masters have taught us that the path to permanent happiness is to realize one’s true self. Unless one feels physically strong and healthy, he/she cannot be at peace with the mind. The journey therefore starts with consuming the right food in the right proportion at the right time. Our company creates a means to make the best quality food available, along with the knowledge of its usage. With this, one’s body can create the path to developing a peaceful mind; and through this, clarity is be obtained on answers to permanent happiness – which is man’s primordial objective in life.

“Soil se Soul” helps connect the two end by bringing in an angle of traceability for consumers to their farms and farmers and vice versa, and thus experience the transparency of the conduct and operations of our vibrant, nature-friendly ecosystem.

Why us?

We very uniquely offer you the option of meeting your farmers at our weekly farmers markets at various locations in Pune and Mumbai. In addition to this existing platform, Soil se Soul enables you to place your orders online and have them delivered directly from our farms to your homes, scheduled currently to twice in a week in your respective areas. With our healthy soil programmes underway to expand our span of area under cultivation, we will very soon start expanding our online services with greater flexibility to you. We don’t compromise in taking extreme care and precaution to achieve optimum soil health, which is our precursor to growing the most suitable varieties of crops which are nature friendly and health friendly.